Client Services

Recovering accounts that have become delinquent or charged off can be an expensive task, particularly for those creditors who do not have experience in the field. Outsourcing the recovery of these accounts to a firm that specializes in collections within your industry is often the best way to ensure they get paid with the least expense incurred on your part.  Stellar Recovery provides an economical solution in the form of our third party recovery services for creditors of all sizes.  Stellar Recovery specializes in the following industries:   

  • Auto – prime and subprime auto loans.
  • Communications – cable, satellite, wireless and wire line phone
  • Financial services – consumer loans, credit card, DDA, LOC, Pay Day Loan, secured and unsecured installment loans
  • Medical – hospital, doctor, dentist, and imaging centers
  • Education – institutional student loans, fines, and fees
  • Property Management – residential apartments and condos
  • Retail – consumer charge accounts, NSF/stop payment checks and cards
  • Utility – electric and gas, alarm companies


Debt Recovery Services

With dedicated teams specializing in each industry, our experienced representatives provide increased liquidations and improve the bottom line our clients, under strict compliance guidelines.  Our customized work strategies include elements of each of the following strategies to provide maximum recovery efforts:

  • Waterfall Skip Tracing including location, phone, cell phone, and email address
  • Verification scrubs including Bankruptcy, Deceased, Litigious Consumer, Military,
  • Customized letter and email communication
  • Automated dialer strategies
  • TCPA compliant mobile phone calling strategies
  • Trigger programs
  • Pre -legal and legal strategies

We currently service pre charge-off, primary, secondary, tertiary and warehoused accounts. To find out more about how we can assist you in recovering any of these types of accounts, contact us today.